//Webinar – Septembrie 2017
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PMI Romania Chapter va invita in data de 28 Septembrie 2017, la ora 18.30, la o intalnire online cu Horia Slusanschi.

Timp de o ora, Horia va impartasi participantilor din experienta sa in implementarea proiectelor in mod Agile.
Limba de comunicare: Romana

Titlul prezentarii: Agile Hybrids

To understand agile hybrids, it’s useful to begin by defining what agile methods are and what they might be hybridised with. We’ll also examine some lesser-known historical details that will give us a fresh perspective. In this way, we’ll develop a more nuanced appreciation of hybrid methods. We’ll see the vital role that hybrids play in organisational transformations. Horia will close with a series of suggestions for improving experiments with hybrid methods, hoping you will be inspired to create more joy in your work while delighting ever more customers.


Va asteptam alaturi de noi,

Comitetul Director

PMI Romania Chapter