Webinar 24 noiembrie 2016 – Risk management and Agile methodology
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Dear members,

PMI Romania Chapter invites you on 24th of November 2016, starting with 7 p.m. (Bucharest time), to attend to our one hour webinar event. Our colleague, George Bagropoulos, will share from his experience how to manage the risks for small software projects, using agile methodology.

Abstract: Software becomes more complex to be developed; it is our responsibility to educate all the parties involved to the risk management, positive or negative, which may occur during the life cycle of a software development project. Small software business projects having duration less than one year and which are developed by small teams -10 persons or less- sometimes do not perform an appropriate risk management. This happens due to the lack of understanding of the importance of managing the project risks. The lack of a proper risk management has as a consequence serious overruns both in delivery time and cost of the project. The root cause of this might be the belief that the small scale of the project does not need appropriate risk management. Another reason might be the absence of a simple and comprehensive risk management framework.

Main Topics:

– What is the risk management?

– Quick review of the existing risk management frameworks for software

– The need of a simple risk management framework for small software projects

– Is the risk management needed in an agile software development?

– Presentation of the risk management framework

– The basic risk areas

– Questions for identifying the risks

– Calculation of the risk score

– Conclusion

– Questions

About George Bagropoulos:

He is a Software Engineer having also more than 15 years management experience. He is a certified project manager (PMP) and he holds a MSc degree in Information Systems Management from the University of Liverpool.

He has a small ISV company that develops software for businesses. He loves to design architectures for new systems and to develop software. It fulfils him when he solves problems that are related with all the knowledge areas of project management and this applies also to difficult software architectural problems.

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Looking forward to having you with us!

PMI Romania Chapter

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