Board message

Dear member of the project management community in Romania,

Welcome to PMI Romania Chapter. We are thrilled to hear from you and look forward to staying and joining our community.

While PMI, globally, was founded in 1969. The discipline of project management has always existed in a way, in a form or form and has transformed society for the better. Today, project management is playing an increasingly important role in our economies and communities and allows us to shape a better and more sustainable future. PMI is represented worldwide by local chapters led by volunteers and is the one-stop shop for project management. Chapters are the backbone of PMI, and volunteers are “our miracle ingredient.” Volunteers continue to have such a significant impact through their passion, dedication and commitment. In these times of major change, project management has become the key to making a difference, leading individuals and organizations to achieve outstanding performance. In PMI, the active members of the chapter are also a force that contributes, through knowledge and action, to the translation of ideas into reality. That being said, the members of our community are talented, qualified and experienced people who know how to do things, putting their skills into action, both in the service of some of the best companies in the world and in our community. We are also a cheerful and very welcoming team. If you are passionate about project management, joining our community, you will develop your professional network, you will feel that you are part of our community of members and you will make friends that you will want to see at our events. We hope that you will participate in one of these events soon, so that we can get to know you personally. During the COVID-19 crisis, for your safety and in compliance with government guidelines and rules, we temporarily adapted our events to virtual solutions. See the calendar of our events for more details. To take advantage of all the opportunities offered, become a member of the chapter, and gain access to all events, mentoring and volunteer project opportunities. Dear members of our chapter, we thank you for the opportunity to serve as representatives of the steering committee. Please continue to share your ideas and give back to the community your experience and knowledge. This is an exciting journey and together we will continue to grow and strengthen the community.

Members of Steering Committee
PMI Romania Chapter